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Kye by BazzaStraße on Flickr.

why is he so cute?

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what are you waiting for? by Beverly Ealdama on Flickr.

Anonymous said: 1,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18,20,21,24,25,28,32,36,38,40,41,46,47,48,56,62,76,80,81,82,90&92 :) :)

1. Haha probs not
3. No
4. Yes
5. Nope
6. For my friend to come back from Europe :)
9. Yes it is
10. Lemon tea
11. Oh I dunno 4 maybe
13. Pub for friends 18th
15. No
16. Yes I hope it’s a good change
17. My best friend
18. Hmm last week
20. Yes
21. Yes
24. Sleep
25. Made me feel sick
28. Funny photo
32. Yeah he does
36. Nope
38. My mother
40. Dunno his hot
41. Today hehe
46. Yes
47. Mum haha
48. I sure do
56. Hair dresser
62. Pj pants and t-shirt
80. Hot
82. Chocolate
90. Sex Is good
92. Yes


Artwork by Raych Pony Gold.
She reminds me of my best friend in high school, who worked out how to heal with herbs while I was drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes; who drove us into the mountains so we could swim in the waterfalls; who only turned the stereo down a little bit when I put on my Dead Kennedys mix CDs; who looked beyond our bare feet, which were sticking out the back of her hatch-back, as we fell asleep waiting to drive into a music festival, watching the tropical storms gather and trying to make a tent out of her sarong. 

fuck-it-lets-root said: The plate girl.

Hey you :)